Baby Grandmothers was formed aug/sept 1967. Existed until may/june 1968.

When the psychedelic club Filips opened in Stockholm, late july -67, there was a need of a band that "time and style", a band of Psychedelia.
B-Gm was the band of the time, no doubt about it. With an ability of playing for hours and hours with only a few loose themes, 
they fitted perfectly in this environment. The right sound for this time and venue.

There were strobe-lighting, there were floating colors on the walls coming from an old slide projector, and there were people on all kinds of drugs.
The popular club was at time visited by Jimi Hendrix, members of Mothers of Invention, Don Cherry, Cream and most of the great artists touring Sweden.

B-Gm had this venue as base, and did very few other appearances. One outside Filips was a three day tour as sub-sub-act for Jimi Hendrix.
Jimi H - Mecki Mark Men - B-Gm were the bands here, and the tour went Gothenburg, Sandviken and Stockholm, and this was in January 1968.

Later same year, B-Gm got invited to Helinki, Finland, for a concert. While in Helsinki, B-Gm was contacted by M A Numminen for a recording. 
This recording resulted in a singel, "Being is more than life", and "Somebody keeps calling my name".
The singel, together with one live recording made in Filips around november -67, is now available on CD, released by Subliminal Sounds 2007.

After the Finland experience B-Gm found a soul mate in Mecki Bodemark, who with his band Mecki Mark Men did get an album released in USA.
Mecki was deserted by the rest of the members of MMM not long after the album release, and was a free bird.

That gave B-Gm and Mecki the opportunity to reform and shape up a bit. As Mecki had an ability to write songs with lyrics,
and also being a pretty good singer, everybody felt it was a good idea to get together, and therefore Mecki joined B-Gm,
and the name became Mecki Mark Men.

After this merging, a lot of things happened.
MMM made "HAIR" in Stockholm -68 - 69.
MMM had a part in an opera at the Royal Opera of Stockholm, "RESAN" -69.
MMM released a new album -69, "Running in the summernight".
MMM went on a three months tour in USA -70, including recording an album, "Marathon".
MMM split up -71... and former B-Gm starts the first version of Kebnekajse and release the album "Resa mot okänt mål"

It then took 37 years before the reunion of Baby Grandmothers.
And now, 2011/2012, B-Gm is working on a new recording for CD, and possibly vinyl.